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      Hello to all, I’m starlord and this is my first message on those boards!

      First of all, before anything else, I would like to thank the company that has enabled me to die out laughing on my computer back in the day: I’m a proud owner of all the space quest games and I can only hope that such a franchise will pick up again (and not as an internet only product, please!).

      Second, I’m an old game collector and preserver: I have been around tracking authors and preserving with their consent several DOS shareware games (although I have been involved with more exotic merchandises and prototypes also). And it so happens that the person I’m trying to reach works for sierra online!

      He had business a while ago with a company called wildtangent, and is currently an XBLA develloper for sierra online. His name is clint Levijoki.

      Could anyone possibly be able to help me in reaching him?

      Thank you for your advice! Best regards.


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