Cyberstorm 1


Game Title: MissionForce: Cyberstorm
Release Date: xx-xx-1996
Release Number: 1
Previous Game in Series: Earthsiege 2
Next Game in Series: Cyberstorm 2: Corporate Wars
Series: Earthsiege

Description:  Prometheus is believed destroyed, but the Cybrid menace has not ended. As the humans expanded out into interstellar space, we’ve found more Cybrids, and they will be exterminated wherever they are found…  As a new commander at Unitech, your job is to command your bioderms (cloned pilots) and the Hercs to mine the various planets in the system, wipe out any Cybrids you see, and eventually take out the main Cybrid nexus in the system. As you advance in rank you will gain access to more power tech, HERCs, and more valuable bioderms. Each planet has different terrain that’ll affect how you fight, and your bioderms will grow in experience and even perish in combat. Make money by mining and killing Cybrids to afford the weapons, HERCs, and bioderms. With hundreds of different weapons (projectile, laser, plasma, missile, indirect, ELF, special) and plenty of other equipment to mount, and over a dozen different HERC models to outfit, variety is endless. With three systems to exterminate, there will be plenty of battles to perfect your skills.  (From Mobygames description)


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