Sierra Reunion, 1999


Sierra Talkspot
Reunion (1998)

During the final days of Sierra On-Line in 1998 several members of the Sierra family sat down on the developing Talkspot radio network to discuss their memories, talk to former employees and fans and just generally cover the history of Sierra On-Line.  Including Al Lowe, Roberta Williams, Scott Murphy and Ken Williams among others this recording includes the entire show (but missing the embedded graphics that were part of the Talkspot system).  Covered during the discussion was the real story behind Leisure Suit Larry 4, platypus plans for Space Quest 7 and the guy who tried to come up with the right curse word when he found out he was on a seven second delay.  This piece of Sierra history is a valuable resource for any long term fan and ultimately proved to be one of the best after action debriefs of the story and history of Sierra On-Line ever produced.

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