KQ1 (AGI) text walkthrough


King’s Quest 1 (AGI) text walkthrough

Location Action Points
Outside castle Walk west on bridge to the door and open door. 1/1
Inside castle Follow red carpet north and west to king. Stand on the steps and bow to king. 3/4
Talk to king, exit the castle and go west.
Rock Stand behind rock and push rock. 2/6
Look in hole and get dagger. 5/11
Go 1 screen north to the big tree.
Big tree Climb tree 2/13
Get the egg 6/19
Climb (or fall) down and go 1 screen east to the carrot field.
Carrot field Pick a carrot 2/21
Go east twice and one north to the clover field.
Clover field Get a clover 2/23
Walk one screen north and 2 west to the screen with the bowl.
Bowl Get bowl 3/26
Look at the bowl
Walk one screen south
Elf Leave and return to screen until an elf shows up. Walk to elf and talk to elf to get a ring. 3/29
Walk north twice to a beach with pebbles.
Pebbles Get pebbles 1/30
Walk one screen south, and one west towards the walnut tree.
Walnut tree Get walnut 3/33
Open walnut. 3/36
Walk one north, 2 west and 1 south (avoiding the screen with the wizard) to the witch’s house.
Witch Walk up near door and eat house 2/38
Leave and return to screen until you get the Yum! message. Open door, enter go into bedroom. Take the note. 2/40
Read the note. 1/41
When the witch gets home, push witch into oven. 7/48
Open cupboard (2) and take cheese (2). 4/52
Exit the house and go 2 north.
House Enter house and give bowl. 3/55
Fill the bowl 2/57
Get fiddle 3/60
Exit the house and walk one north and one west.
Stump Look in stump (1) and get the pouch (3). 4/64
Look in pouch 3/67
Go north to the corral
Corral Open gate and enter corral. Walk near goat and show carrot, so the goat follows. 5/72
Exit corral and walk one west and 3 south towards the bridge.
Bridge Start to cross bridge and when goat goes into action, move aside so the goat disposes of the troll. 4/76
Cross the bridge to get to the gnome.
Gnome Talk to gnome and guess his name (IFNKOVHGROGHPRM) 5/81
the gnome gives you beans. 4/85
Walk east twice
Beanstalk Stand near flowers and plant beans 2/87
Climb beanstalk to the land in the clouds (Save frequently!)
Clouds Walk east twice, south, east twice. Look in hole of tree and get sling. 2/89
Walk west twice, north and stand near northeast corner. SAVE.
Walk east and hide behind tree in the back til giant falls asleep. 7/96
Get the chest 8/104
Walk east twice and down the stairs.
Door Go west twice (swimming across the pond) and 1 south.
Well Walk behind well and cut rope 2/106
Walk to crank and lower rope. Climb rope and move down. 1/107
Swim when you get to water and fill bucket 2/109
Dive 2/111
Move down and left and go through hole. 1/112
Dragon Move towards dragon and throw water. 5/117
Get mirror 8/125
Swim up well and climb rope up. 4/129
Well Go 1 screen west and 1 north.
Bird Stand near the center bottom and jump to be grabbed by the bird and fly. 3/132
Hole Walk west, get mushroom. 1/133
Walk east and fall in hole.Walk south, west and give cheese to rat. 2/135
Open door and play fiddle. 3/138
Walk south and get shield. 8/146
Get sceptre 6/152
Walk west up the stairs and to the small doorway. Eat mushroom (2) and go through the hole (1). 3/155
Go north twice and east twice and enter the castle. 1/156
Inside castle Walk to king and bow to king. 3/159
THE END 159/158

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