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Got photos that should be here?  Send them to us.

Most of the following pictures have been on the SierraGamers site for almost two decades. They are in random sequence and of horrible quality .. but, are what they are. My hope is that those of you reading this who have interesting pictures from Sierra’s past will send them in and we can make this a much better gallery.

Anyway .. out of boredom one day I decided to write a short sentence to describe each picture. I didn’t recognize all of them but added what comments I could.

Ken Williams – July 17 2019

PS Enjoy!

… And, here’s a link to some pictures of Roberta and I that I gathered up recently for some people who were doing a documentary (partially) about Sierra. Most are just miscellaneous family photos of us and the kids, but there are also some Sierra pictures mixed in.

If I ever get free time i’ll sort out the Sierra-related ones and add them to the galley above.

So .. if anyone has any extra free time, send it my way. I haven’t had any in years…

-Ken Williams – July 17 2019


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