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Q. What are Ken and Roberta Williams doing now, and will they ever make games again?

We retired in 1996, and have been enjoying life. We bought a boat, and are busy circumnavigating. We crossed the Atlantic in 2004, and the Pacific in 2009. Our boat is currently in Japan. Check out Ken’s Blog for more information about our boating.

Ken is working on building a do-it-yourself website company. Give it a try, it’s free!

Roberta is working on a non-fiction book about Irish immigration.

Both of us miss building games, but it is pretty unlikely we’ll ever sit still long enough to make another one.


Q. Why am I not receiving emails alerting me to new messages posted on this board?

Once you have registered on this website, you have the option of deciding how often you would like sent notifications of new messages that have been posted.

Your options are:

– Never (no emails sent)
– Daily (one email each day, with a compilation of anything new posted)
– Weekly (once a week notification)

The system defaults you to NEVER.

To change this, you need to sign in, if you aren’t already. There are two ways to know if you are already signed in. In the upper right corner of the message board, if you see the words, “Sign in/Register” then you need to sign in. You can also tell by looking for your name in the footer at the bottom of the webpage. If you don’t see it, you aren’t signed in.

To sign in:

Click on the link “Sign-in/Register” on the upper right of the message board, or, on the copyright notice in the footer at the bottom of the page.


You will see a drop-down list appear at the upper right corner of the message board. Just choose how often you’d like emails, and they will start coming.

 If you don’t know your password, try just typing ‘password’ .. that’s the default I set for new accounts. You can change it once you sign in.


Q. What’s my password? Or, how do I change my password?

All newly registered accounts are set up using the password, ‘password’.
Once you are signed in, you can change this. Just click on your name, where it appears in the footer at the bottom of the webpage, and you can change your password.
You can also upload your picture!


Q. How do I upload my picture?

To do this, you need to sign in.
To sign in, just click on the copyright notice, in the footer at the bottom of the webpage. There are other ways to sign in, but that’s the technique I use. Once signed in, you’ll notice your name appears at the bottom of the page. If you click on it, you’ll see the page from which you can upload your picture, or change your password. You can also change your email address on that page.


Q. No one has posted anything for a very long time. What do I do?

Post something.


Q. What rules are there?

I’m not a big fan of rules. If someone is truly annoying, they will be banned, however, it is tough to be annoying in my world. Say what you think, and avoid foul language, and direct attacks on others and all will be fine.

 That said, if you do decide to say something negative, or positive, about a product – don’t just say “It is great” or “It sucks” … tell us what it does, and why you like or detest it. The words “great” and “sucks” are subjective. And, one guy’s great product might suck for someone else. So … give us some good information, or links to websites. It’s more interesting and informative that way.


Q. I want to contribute to Sierra Gamers. What are your guidelines?

If you would like to contribute anything to Sierra Gamers, please
contact us.

We ask that you be able to scan to these specifications. The reason for this is so that we can keep hi-res masters of everything on file, which will then appear at web resolution here. That being said, if you have a small res, tiny, almost unreadable and unseeable image of something that is really cool I don’t give a rip if the thing actively catches on fire when it shows up. If what you have is low res (and we don’t have it), I want it. You can effectively ignore the guidelines below. Still, here they are…

  • 300 DPI RGB (or higher, depending on the item)
  • Do not let your scanner color or level correct
  • If it is a box cover, magazine, or other printed material, check if your scanner has “descreen” setting and use it
  • If it is a thin page and the other side shows through on the scan, place a black backing over it when scanning
  • Make sure the item is completely flat on your scanner
  • Do not make adjustments to the image once you’ve scanned it – send us the raw image
  • Do not crop the image very close, leave some space around it
  • Save as Uncompressed, PC Byte-Order TIFF / TIF file
  • Contact Andy to arrange for sending us the scan



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