Game Title: Metaltech: Battledrome
Release Date: xx-xx-1995
Release Number: 1
Previous Game in Series: Metaltech: Earthsiege
Next Game in Series: Earthsiege 2
Series: Earthsiege

Description:  Command giant HERCs in head-to-head combat over network / modem or against the computer.  The two-player aspect of this game (network or modem) was ahead of its time as a predecessor to NetMech. It would run respectably on a 486-33 as well, which was a bonus for its time.  Sierra’s Earthsiege universe eventually spawned Cyberstorm 1 and 2 and Earthsiege 2 (and the quite good Earthsiege 1), and more. Note that this was apparently never designed to satisfy single-player urges, but was meant from the outset as a two-player head-to-head game.  (From Mobygames description)


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