Rise and Rule of Ancient Empires (1996)

Space Bucks (1996)

Lords of the Realm Series:

Lords of the Realm: Epic Medieval Strategy (1994)
Lords of the Realm II (1996)

Lords of the Realm III (2004)

Lords of Magic (1997)

Caesar Series:

Caesar (1993)

Caesar II (1995)
Caesar III (1998)

Caesar 4 (2006)

Civil War Generals:

Civil War Generals 1: Robert E. Lee (1996)

Civil War Generals 2: Grant-Lee-Sherman (1997)

Casino Deluxe:

Casino Deluxe (1996)

Casino Deluxe 2 (1997)

City Building Series:

Pharaoh (1999)

Zeus: Master of Olympus (2000)

Acropolis: Build and Rule Ancient Greece (2001)


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