There are 185 points to earn in total. In this written walkthrough only the essential steps will be described to achieve those 185 points. It will not contain all the other commands the player can do, unless it is required.

The first door:

After the intro movie, walk 2 screens east until you reach grandma’s house.
– “Open mailbox” (1/1) and “take basket” (2/3)

Walk one screen west. If Little Red Riding Hood does not show up shortly, then leave and re-enter the screen until she does.
– “Give basket to girl” and you receive a bouquet of flowers in return (4/7)

Go 3 screens east until you are at the front door of a church
– “open door”, go to the altar and “pray” (2/9)
– say your name “Graham” and you receive a cross (2/11)

Exit the church and go 1 screen south
– “Look hole” (1/12) and “Take brooch” (7/19)

Go back to the church entrance and go along the back of the church, 1 screen north to a hangbridge. Be carefull not to fall when entering the screen! Cross the bridge (1/20), go one screen east and 1 screen north to a magic door which stands all by itself.
– “Look door” and “Read inscription”

Return to the bridge and cross it (1/21). From the bridge, walk 5 screens west, until you reach the beach. Make sure to stay near the bottom of the screen, so you can quickly walk out in the event the bad dwarf or Agatha the witch appear. Then go one screen north.
– Take trident (3/24)
– Go 2 more screens north and “take clamshell” and “Take bracelet” (7/31)

Go one more screen north, go in the water and “swim” towards the mermaid
– “Give flowers to girl” (2/33) and “Ride seahorse” (2/35)
– “Give trident to king”, he gives you a bottle (4/39) and “Take key” (5/44)

Return to the right side of the screen and Graham will be taken ashore again. From there go 2 screens east until you get to a foul river. From there go 2 north until you’re back and grandma’s house. Proceed to the church (east), and head back to the magic door across the rope bridge (1/45).
– “Unlock door” (7/52) and “Read inscription”

The second door:

Cross the bridge again (1/53) and go back to the cave (4 west), which is the home of Agatha the witch. If Agatha is present, leave the cave and re-enter until she is no longer there. You may run into the batmobile Easter egg.
– “Look bottle” and “Take cloth” (2/55)
– “Put cloth over cage” (2/57), “Take cage” (2/59) and leave the cave.

Go 1 screen north to a lake, then 1 screen east towards a tree stump
– “Look into stump” and “Take necklace” (7/66)

Walk 2 more screens east, until you see a tree with a large hole in it. When you go for the tree, make sure that you either have the protective spell or that you saved in advance, just in case the dwarf shows up.
– “Look into hole” and “Take mallet” (2/68)

Go 3 screens north (along the foul river), and 1 screen east to arrive at a shop
– “Open door” – “Give bird to woman” and you get a magic lamp (6/74)
– “Rub lamp” 3 times (2 points each) and you receive a magic carpet, a sword and a leather bridle (6/80)
– ride carpet (4/84)

After landing the carpet, go 1 screen east, towards the viper
– Throw bridle over viper (5/89)
– “Talk to horse” and you get a magic sugar cube (2/91)
– Go one screen east and “look hole” for the Space Quest Easter egg.
– Go into the cave and “take key” (5/96)
– Go outside and “ride carpet”

You’re back at the front of the shop. Go north until you get to the church (“swim” if needed), across the rope bridge (1/97) and the magic door.
– “unlock door” (7/104) and “read inscription”

The third door:

Cross the bridge again (1/105) and proceed 2 screens to the west until you reach the treehouse.
– open door
– go down the ladder, make sure not to fall.
– “look fireplace” and “Take soup” (2/107)
– “Open chest”, “Look in chest” and “Take earrings” (7/114)

Climb the ladder (careful!) and exit the treehouse. Then go one screen south and one west towards grandma’s house.
– “Open door” and “Give soup to woman” (2/116)
– “Look under bed” and you retrieve a large ruby ring and black cloak (4/120)

Leave the house, go 1 screen west and 3 screens south (swim when necessary), until you see a tree with a stake leaning on its trunk.
– “take stake” (2/122)

Go 1 screen south and 1 east, until you get at the turn of the foul river.
– “Wear ring” and “Wear cloak” (3/125) (oddly you don’t see Graham actually wearing it)

Go 1 screen east, towards the boatman and “Enter boat”

Once on the other side, “exit boat”, “eat sugar” (1/126) and proceed through the poisonous branches towards the door
– “open door”, go left, climb the stairs, and enter the bedroom
– “open drawer” and “take candle” (2/128)
– go back downstairs, “light candle” on the torch halfway the stairs (1/129), and proceed to the dining hall.
– “take ham” (2/131) and “wear cross” (2/133)
– SAVE, proceed right, go down the stairs and enter the room
– “open coffin” (if it isn’t open already)
– “look coffin”, “take pillow”, and “take key” (5/138)

Exit and re-enter the room until the coffin is closed (again)
– “open coffin”, “kill dracula” (7/145), and “take key” (2/147)
– return to the dining room go north through the curtains and upstairs.
– “Unlock chest” (1/148), “Open chest”, and “Take tiara” (7/155)
– Leave the castle and “Enter boat”
– Go east and south 2 screens, cross the rope bridge (1/156) and “unlock door” (7/163)

The ending:

– Go 1 screen north and “take net” (1/164).
– Return 1 screen south and “fish” (2/166)
– “take fish”, “look fish”, “throw fish” (3/169) and “ride fish” (1/170)
– Go 1 screen north, 1 east and “take amulet” (3/173)
– Go 1 screen south towards the tower and “open door”
– Climb the stairs, “give ham to lion” (4/177) and “open door” (5/182)
– “look girl” and “kiss girl”
– “look amulet” and “say home” (3/185)

Total: 185/185

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