T.I.M. 3


Game Title: The Incredible Machine 3
Release Date: xx-xx-1995
Release Number: 1
Previous Game in Series: Sid & Al’s Incredible Toons
Alternate Release: The Incredible Machine 2
Series: The Incredible Machine

Description:  The Incredible Machine 3 (TIM3) is a Windows compatible update of The Incredible Machine 2, by Sierra. As in previous games in the series, TIM3 offers the chance to build complicated contraptions out of a myriad of components from basketballs to balloons. Ever seen the paintings by W Heath Robinson? It is much the same as that. There is a series of puzzles to complete or an engaging multiplayer mode. TIM3 has the exact same puzzles and features as the DOS-based TIM2, but has an updated interface and slightly enhanced graphics and sounds.  (From Mobygames description)


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