King’s Quest 6

Game Title:
King’s Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
Release Date: xx-xx-1992
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Part of Series: King’s Quest
Previous Game in Series: King’s Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!
Next Game in Series: King’s Quest VII: The Princeless Bride
Designer: Roberta Williams

In King’s Quest VI, you play the role of Prince Alexander, as he desperately searches for Princess Cassima of the Land of the Green Isles, who is being held against her will by her captor, Vizier Abdul Alhazred. To successfully help him, he must travel between the Land’s four islands and encounter strange beasts that will either help or hinder him. There are many alternate paths you can take, as well as different endings you can watch. Like its predecessor, actions are performed using a point-and-click interface. The CD-ROM version of the game includes both DOS and Windows versions, full speech, a 50-meg introduction, and the Girl in the Tower theme song.    (From Mobygames description)

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