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(re: The Colonel’s Bequest-Manual) I could scan the Museum Guide and the Museum Map (the actual manual, if I recall correctly, is just a generic Sierra adventure game manual they used to have in those days) if it weren’t for my slow, poor-quality scanner. The Guide is pretty thick and I’m in crunch mode on many projects right now, things that I have to give top priority. When any of these things change, I’ll take a look here, see if anyone’s gotten there first, and if not, do it. Also, I don’t really have a clue how to make a PDF document of the scans, so I’d have to post the pages individually.
Considering all this, it might be best if someone more experienced did it, but as I said, I will keep this in mind. Sorry for being such a slowpoke about this – I feel guilty being unable to contribute something myself right now, considering how much I appreciate others’ contributions.