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  • in reply to: How can I use 3D Pinball on Vista? #24306

    Your best bet for support is going to:


    in reply to: Police Quest 2 issues #27721

    I personally can’t remember… But I’d wager you’d get help over at:


    in reply to: Compatibility Issues #24304

    Hey Andy – I can’t remember if Collector has a fix for Windows 7 and Realms II, but you may want to try his site!


    in reply to: Laura Bow Remake? #28877

    Using the SCI viewer, you should be able to get in there and see all the text that displays in the game.


    Hrm. You mentioned it had 3 CDs (I can’t remember that set off hand – does it only have 3 CDs? I can’t imagine it had more, since most of the games fit on one CD from the older games)… So what I would do is check the CDs (all three of them) make sure that they’re not just misprinted somehow. But my guess is, you’re the unlucky victim of someone who got that rare one that got two of the same CDs stuffed into the collection. (Human error somewhere along the line!) However, if you have all the original CDs and you could possibly verify by photo that you have it (say, if someone said, “Take a picture of the original box, holding up three fingers in the photo!” or something random like that) – you may want to visit Sierra Help forums ( http://www.sierrahelp.com/forums ) and see if you can’t find help there.

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    You mentioned Gold Rush and Torin’s Passage:

    Gold Rush: http://sierrahelp.com/Games/GoldRushHelp.html

    Torin’s Passage: http://sierrahelp.com/Games/TorinsPassageHelp.html

    For patches and such to make them run on modern machines. If you mean them not being on Gog.com, that may be entirely possible. Not checked.

    in reply to: I miss Sierra games #23373

    As already noted, virtually EVERY Sierra game can be made to run on modern machines. Check out the work Collector has done making that possible at the already linked Sierra Help. Join us on the forums if you have any issues: http://sierrahelp.com/forums/index.php

    in reply to: Mask of Eternity freezes #23399

    This may be the fix for you (I’d recommend joining us on SHP, where it’s easier for us to reply to whether what we have there fixes it for you! Collector is the genius behind SHP and hopefully this is your fix!) We would love to hear whether it fixes it or not.


    in reply to: LarryLaffer.net #22497

    The site has had a MAJOR face lift since this post, and had quite a bit added! Come by and check it out!

    in reply to: Red Baron from 95 or 96 #29637

    Don’t despair – just yet, anyway!

    Check there. See if the patch there helps.

    And if it does, let us know on our forums at:

    And if it doesn’t help, let us know on the forums anyway!

    There’s also the option of getting it from GoG.com –

    Regardless, we’d love to see you over on the SHP forums as well!

    in reply to: Kings Quest 3 – Manannans Journeys Part 1 #27236

    Freaking Epically Done! You must come by http://www.sierrahelp.com/forums and share that! I know a lot of people who would REALLY get a kick out of that! 😀

    in reply to: King’s Quest IV scene recreated with cut paper #27231

    Hey Nicki!

    I’d recommend coming by http://www.sierrahelp.com/forums and sharing both your love of KQ6 (which everyone seems to love the most) as well as the Paper Cut Out of KQ4 (my personal favorite KQ)! The paper cut out tree scene is amazing…

    in reply to: Nexus The Jupiter Incident Help #29550

    Don’t get me started on what happened to Sierra! 🙂 In short, yes, Sierra is gone.

    As for the issue – what’s the error? I can’t help but feel if you bought it used, that the previous owner may have registered the serial # and thus, it may be tied up under their name? I have never played Nexus the Jupiter Incident, so I am not sure if it checks online against the serial #.

    EDIT – Glad you got it to work.

    If you ever try some of the older Sierra classic games, I’d recommend:


    in reply to: 3D Ultra Pinball Installation Error #24302

    I will indeed pass the good word. If you would like to register on the forum (the questions change), please let me know your desired user name and I will generate a temp password for you and message it to you! We’d love to have you there! But yes, in the mean time, I shall make Collector aware of this wonderful news!

    in reply to: 3D Ultra Pinball Installation Error #24300

    I’d recommend going to:


    Collector there may have the solution for you!

    in reply to: For Ken, hello’s and some thoughts i’ve had #25972

    If Ken comes by, I am sure he will answer… But my feeling is (from what I have read) is Ken and Roberta get to sail around the world, at their leisure, with no pressures of deadlines, co-workers, HR, paying employees, etc. Neither of them is a part of any branch of Sierra, anymore. So first, they’d have to build a company. Next, they’d have to hire people. Then, they’d have to try and invent something that – as you said – is ground breaking. That, is much harder to do these days, without some incredible finances to back you up. While I am sure Ken and Roberta are “well off” with their retirement; I am not entirely sure they could launch another company – even if they wanted to (and, I am pretty sure, neither of them wants to!) They put their time in. They created Sierra and forged some incredible games, that to this day, many of us still replay! (And if you need help, I’d recommend going to: http://www.sierrahelp.com for getting these classics running on modern games!)

    Ken and Roberta have left their mark in the gaming world. They got out on a high note (if you, in my opinion, exclude Mask of Eternity). Even to this day, folks like Al Lowe tried to get a new game out there with Sam Suede, and despite generated interest; it sadly, never went anywhere. Jane Jensen has put out a new game called Gray Matter, which is pretty good, but didn’t get much attention. These days, the PC gaming market is very, very, very difficult to break into and stand out in. Evolution, it seems has gone from Arcade Games (remember, when all the malls had arcade centers?), to PC Gaming (remember when owning a PC was a BIG deal?), now to Console Gaming…

    in reply to: Johnny Castaway!! #28712

    I would also like to see this, if it ever happened.

    in reply to: RIP: Carlos Escobar (of Sierra fame) #21386

    From: http://larrylaffer.net/archives/501

    Carols Says – Memorial FB Page.

    Games Credited

    * Roberta Williams’ Phantasmagoria (1995), Sierra On-Line, Inc.
    * Roberta Williams’ King’s Quest VII: The Princeless Bride (1994), Sierra On-Line, Inc.
    * Daryl F. Gates Police Quest: Open Season (1993), Sierra On-Line, Inc.
    * Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist (1993), Sierra On-Line, Inc.
    * Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out! (1993), Sierra On-Line, Inc.
    * Pepper’s Adventures in Time (1993), Sierra On-Line, Inc.
    * Slater & Charlie Go Camping (1993), Sierra On-Line, Inc.
    * King’s Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow (1992), Sierra On-Line, Inc.
    * Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel (1992), Sierra On-Line, Inc.
    * Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero (1992), Sierra On-Line, Inc.
    * Conquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin Hood (1991), Sierra On-Line, Inc.
    * Leisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work (1991), Sierra On-Line, Inc.
    * Mixed-Up Mother Goose (1991), Sierra On-Line, Inc.
    * Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers (1991), Sierra On-Line, Inc.
    * King’s Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder! (1990), Sierra On-Line, Inc.
    * Code-Name: Iceman (1989), Sierra On-Line, Inc.
    * Leisure Suit Larry III: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals (1989), Sierra On-Line, Inc.
    * Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (1987), Sierra On-Line, Inc.

    What some folks shared…

    William Shockley: When I read the news tonight, I
    instantly flashed back to some memories I had long since forgotten.
    Those were some of the best years of my life, meeting life long friends,
    and Carlos was a big part of that, obviously he made quite an
    impression on all of us. My only regret is not keeping in touch as I
    believe he still lived very close to me. Carlos was a bigger than life
    character that brought a smile to my face every time we spoke. R.I.P.
    Carlos Escobar

    Steve Conrad: RIP Carlos. You were taken away
    from us way too soon. I am so sad to hear this news. Carlos was one of
    the first programmers I had the pleasure of working with at Sierra on
    LSL5. Carlos was Al Lowe’s right hand man. Such a funny guy and
    character. He was one of the good guys and he will be missed. All my
    heartfelt condolences to his family. As you can see, he had a huge
    impact on everyone around him.

    Karin Nestor: The Mayor of Pinedale? Nooo! I was just
    thinking about him. I think it’s sad the obituary doesn’t mention Sierra
    at all. We spent many a break walking over to the Oakhurst post office
    when I first started working at Sierra.

    Josh Mandel: Horrible, horrible news. I loved Carlos. Really loved him. Shhhhh.

    Edward Slim Critchlow: OMG Today was his
    birthday. In Carlos spirit I send him the message” Happy B-Day Carlos,
    now get back to work”. I can’t believe he’s dead. To me he was the most
    friendly and funny guy at Sierra. When I first got there Carlos made
    sure to include me in the bi-weekly dinner outings in Fresno. One of the
    best lines Carlos had was when he was mimicking Ken Williams saying “I
    wouldn’t lie to you…….again” The guy was an original.

    Spartaco Margioni: OMG! I use to talk to him all
    the time, making each other laugh and he was a great guy. Truly missed
    and such great energy at Sierra back in those days. He always gave me a
    smile when needed. Miss you amigo.

    Barry T. Smith: That is really sad news. =( I
    remember Jane Cardinal did the most amazing caricature of Carlos. I
    think it was even used in the Carlos Sez app. Always a funny guy with an
    offbeat sense of humor. He will be missed.

    Darvin Atkeson: I remember my first interaction
    with Carlos… For some reason, that I have long since forgotten, I had to
    use his work computer on a day when he was out. One of the other
    programmers at Sierra cued me in that he tracked all log-ins on his
    system. Knowing that I just had to mess with him. I found the log file,
    edited it and made it look as if the company VP had logged on to his
    system with a password “terminator”. We all had a pretty good laugh next
    day when he reviewed his log and nearly freaked out. We remained
    friends till I left the company. Truly a nice guy. He will be

    Mark Hood: Carlos also memorialized me forever
    in LSL3 as “Mark the plumber”. He managed to find all the grossest
    bodily function sounds Al would let him put in, and placed them
    strategically in the code every time the animated character bent over.
    Oh Carlos…he was a good friend, and I will miss him. I just got back in
    touch with him a couple years ago and talked to him earlier this year on
    IM. I wonder if he ever got his lottery program to win anything.

    Donald Waller: Very sad news. I sat next to
    Carlos and he made a big impression on me. He was hilarious, smart, and
    so willing to help anyone improve. I remember him getting excited about
    helping me with batch files! He loved creating quirky dos programs. I
    remember the “word of the day” that would execute when I logged in. One
    thing that I still carry around from Carlos is when he would walk in and
    yell “it’s going to be a great day!!! an amazing day!!” :) -that’s a good thing to hear in the morning. thanks Carlos!

    Bridget McKenna: I’m so sorry to hear Carlos has
    left us. He was such a character, and so much a part of our everyday
    life at Sierra. During our Sierra days, Marti and I wrote a story and
    put a character in it–a programmer–who said things like “They don’t pay
    me enough to think.” That was one of our favorite “Carlos says” lines.
    Carlos, you could always make us laugh, and that was–and is–valuable
    beyond measure.

    You read learn more, and read the obituary over here.


    I wish you luck… I don’t know anyone off hand who has all the issues. And those that do, are probably tattered and torn and fragile. And those that aren’t, I would be hard pressed to think if they had all the issues, and in great condition, that they’d part with it. The Sierra Community is full of “Collectors” of all things Sierra! 🙂 I do know there’s PDFs of almost all the issues, if not all of them, available here. But you probably want the “authentic” thing.

    in reply to: Mask of Eternity freezes #23397
    in reply to: Wanted – Gobliiins sealed + hint books #26514

    Goblins 1 Hint Book: http://www.sierragamers.com/uploads/24082/Hint_Book/Goblins_1_Hint_Book.pdf

    Goblins 2 Hint Book: http://www.sierragamers.com/uploads/24082/Hint_Book/Goblins_2_Hint_Book.pdf

    Wooddruff & Schniblle Hint book: http://www.sierragamers.com/uploads/24082/Hint_Book/Woodruff_and_the_Schnibble_Hint_Book.pdf

    As for Goblins CD (sealed), your best bet is going to be online like ebay or something.

    in reply to: New Yosemite resident, met Ken and Roberta’s Gardiner #25966

    I don’t know if I’d consider the fact they went sailing after Wizard and the Princess… there might have been a few games… and a few years in between when that came out and their ventures around the world! 😉

    Welcome to the forums!

    in reply to: Catherine, Vancouver, Canada #29631

    Aye! Is there a forum out there that I am not on? I am not even a real person. But a program that’s gained sentience and now posts everywhere! 🙂

    in reply to: Catherine, Vancouver, Canada #29629

    Welcome to the forums! 🙂 It’s usually a wee bit quiet in these parts! I help co-admin another Sierra related forum over at: http://www.sierrahelp.com/forums (check out the http://www.sierrahelp.com site itself for getting classic Sierra games to run on modern machines!) Collector is the main man behind the entire site. I am just his forum minion. 🙂

    I did WoW myself, since launch and quit off and on, finally quitting after Lich King. (Got a character to level 80, and was leveling another and realized how repetitive it was getting since I was running the second character, through the same quests… got boring very quickly!) I originally was into EverQuest (the first one) for many years, when it first came out. And now dabble with Lord of the Rings Online (which is Free To Play) – because it reminds me of EverQuest. The lands are HUGE. Lots and lots and lots of exploring, unlike WoW. (Not that I am dissing WoW – WoW designed an MMO by taking everything that was good about most MMOs and incorporating it into their own! And they took out all the difficult things on players that many other MMO’s had, making down time very low when you play WoW).

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