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    Good News!  I have found the Original AGI version for the PC on Ebay about a little over a week ago and have just today received it in the mail and YES it is the real for sure copy and I only paid $20 for it.  Anyway, I ordered it so that I can run a Complete and fresh and clean install of this game, because I really would like to distribute a fair and complete copy to anyone who is interested in owning this version.  The Game Works Great, i have found NO errors with it!  I have taken the complete install of the Game File from my hard drive and have compressed it into a Zip file, I can also include in the Zip File a copy of all the 3- 3.5inch diskettes into seperate folders, so you could even run the install yourself.  I have already tried contacting abandonia to donate this game to them, and im trying to find ways to share this so this game will never be a problem for any fans to find anymore.  Can anyone help me get this game out to everyone?   🙂

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    scratch that…I recently found out that my Copy of KQIV AGI has an error in the game that prevents you from swimming to Genesta’s castle left of the shore…My copy sucks, anyone have another copy or one that doesnt have this error please share?

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