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    Hi and welcome! ­čÖé

    By your description I’m pretty sure that would be Lords of Magic, a spin-off of Lords of the Realm II. There is also Lords of Magic: Special Edition, which contains a bunch of new characters, missions and so on.

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    This little creature shows up in games from Jeff Tunnell Productions (a spin-off of Dynamix). You can find him in games like the 3-D Ultra series (Pinball, Cool Pool, Traintown,…), The Incredible Machine series, Hunter Hunted and so on.

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    The aging spell doesn’t make sense since it is known for a fact that Graham will have a granddaughter in the game to whom he tells his story, so he effectively IS old – no spell involved. However, to make sure, I asked the lead developer of the game, and just received confirmation from him that your info on the aging spell is false. Please refrain from making things up.

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    Hello Lynn.

    Al Lowe did not pick up the rights of LS, Codemasters did in late 2008, after which they released the disastrous Box Office Bust. Replay Games was then allowed to use the rights to remake Leisure Suit Larry 1, following a Kickstarter 2012. Al Lowe and Josh Mandel were part of the Replay Games development team, but left the company (along with the bulk of the other employees and volunteers) when the game was released as the result of an internal dispute. Right now the rights are still in the hands of Codemasters and the future of Larry is unknown. Al Lowe went back into retirement and doesn’t own the rights.

    And yes, Sierra is back, sort of. Activision revived the Sierra brand in August – it will serve as the brand name for indie games and to bring back some of the classic series. So far they’ve announced Geometry Wars 3 (to be released this month as the first title with the Sierra name) and a new King’s Quest (developed by the Odd Gentlemen and expected for release in 2015). While Ken and Roberta have no direct involvement in the development, they did visit the developers about a week ago to see what they were working on and, according to Ken, loved what they saw, so we’re very much looking forward to more information on this new King’s Quest game.

    And yes, you SHOULD play Phantasmagoria :-).


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    I (and many others) have seen the concept art of the aging Graham when Ken and Roberta visited the Odd Gentlemen about a week ago. Whether an aging spell is part of the story should be revealed soon enough. An official announcement on the game is expected this month.

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    Source please?

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    The first Empire Earth was released on November 13 2001, long after Ken and Roberta, had anything to do with Sierra any more. I’m sorry but, given that this is the Williams’ Sierra site, only the Sierra titles they were involved in are covered on Sierra Gamers. I can recommend you a site that is specialized in Empire Earth though and even support online gameplay:

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    Unfortunately SierraGamers is mostly about classic Sierra games when Sierra itself did most of the development, and Empire Earth was developed afterwards. I can provide a source where they are more likely to help you out though. Please check out save-ee which is dedicated to Empire Earth.

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    Hi Thorsten. The intellectual property of the Space Quest series (and Sierra as a whole) is in the hands of Activision-Blizzard. It is no longer owned by Ken and Roberta Williams who built the Sierra Gamers site to stay in touch with the fanbase.
    That being said, I see no problem using Sierra images in videos and posting them on Youtube if there is no financial gain involved. Lots of fans, including myself, have lirerally uploaded thousands of Sierra videos.

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    You can download the SCI viewer here:
    Open the Laura Bow folder, and you’ll see all the graphics, music, coding and so on.

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    Hi, you’re right. Screenshots are now gradually being added. See for example the latest 2 upgrades: Laura Bow 1 and King’s Quest 1 (AGI).

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    Welcome to Sierra Gamers, Clint! I enjoy these stories about people playing Sierra games during their childhood and growing up with them. Coincidentally King’s Quest IV was also my first Sierra game.

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    If you mean dating like in The Sims (EA), then no, not to my knowledge.

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    Probably Eli ( has multiple copies of it, possibly even sealed.

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    Sierra’s daughter companies made lots of Sports games. Championship boxing was one of the early titles but throughout the nineties Dynamix (part of the Sierra family) made the Front Page Sports series, covering football, baseball, golf, skiing, fishing, hunting, and others. Impressions made a few soccer games in the nineties too. There are also plenty of racing games by Papyrus such as the Nascar games.

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    Oh… Rest in Peace, Daryl F. Gates :-(.

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    Sure, promote piracy on Ken Williams’ Sierra site. Why not? /sarcasm

    KQ4 is NOT abandonware. I don’t care how rare or old it is, if people want it, let them find and buy it themselves.

    Ken does not owe us an apology at all. You however should inform yourself a bit better about Sierra’s corporate history before judging him so harshly. Fact is that, in the early eighties, Sierra grew (and at one point nearly went bankrupt) because of venture capital. And around 1989, Sierra On-Line went public on the stockmarket. Without these capital injections, Sierra could never have made their acquisitions (Dynamix, Impressions, Coktel Vision,…), publish all these wonderfull games and become as successful as it was. The price tag for these capital injections was ownership of Sierra. Ken may have been the founder and CEO, but he was no longer the majority owner of Sierra On-Line. The shareholders were, and it’s the shareholders that had the final word on corporate decisions. So, when the shareholders got an offer from CUC in 1996 to buy their stock for about twice the marketprice, they decided to take the offer and Ken couldn’t do anything to prevent the sale of Sierra On-Line. It was only in April 1998, after CUC was merged with HFS to become Cendant, that the CUC fraud was revealed. “you cannot say you had no idea that Mr. Forbes would do something like that”. Are you suggesting Ken had knowledge about the CUC fraud?! Not even Henry Silverman knew until after he merged his company with CUC! It is regretable how things turned out but your accusations of Ken “cashing out” are in my opinion out of line.

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    Wikipedia? What’s that? ­čśë

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    Well… i do know one person who also covers all Sierra titles after 1999, regardless whether it’s made by one of the Sierra Family members or outsourced development houses. He’s a bit nuts, but i’m sure every developer and every game until 2008 will be covered by him in detail.

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    I don’t disagree with you, Collector. Since SierraGamers is Ken Williams’ site, i doubt he’d want to focus on games which his company did not develop. Since Coktel Vision, Impressions, Dynamix and so on were acquired by Sierra, they were also part of Sierra. Games developed by acquired studios under Ken Williams’ management should therefore in my opinion also be considered as developed by Sierra, even though it was not┬ádone so by the people in Oakhurst.
    However, this brings several more questions: 1) what about games which were developed by those companies before┬áSierra acquired them (Operation Wolf, Detroit,When Two Worlds War,…)? Should those count as Sierra games? 2) what about games which were published by Sierra, but not developed, nor acquired in the early days (Thexder for example, for which Ken bought the rights from GameArts to sell it in the USA in the mid 80ies)? 3) what about the games which were developed after Sierra’s demise, but┬áby an acquired studio (for example the citybuilding series by Impressions, the Tribes series by Dynamix or the later Nascar titles by Papyrus)? It is very hard to draw a line.

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    Nope, it IS absolutely┬ánecessary to investigate the cigar butt in order to achieve SuperSleuth status, even though it says that you “don’t see anything interesting”. I’m 100% sure about it. To examine it, pick it up and┬átype “examine cigar with monocle”.

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    Annette Childs was responsible for the documentation and packaging of King’s Quest 3. She didn’t have a role in the development of the game itself to my knowledge.

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    I haven’t checked, but i guess they include a DOSBox installer (hopefully a better one than those of the 2006 Quest collections), for Sins of the Fathers at least. Arcanum should work fine on newer OS.

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    That’s quite a bit stretched, don’t you think?┬áThe game has an M-rating for a reason.┬áThe scene (which took place in the bathroom btw) fitted well in the plot of how Donald transformed from a loving husband to a possessed murderer. If that┬áshould have been left out as a precaution because some delusional person might get funny ideas, then they might aswell ban┬áall M-rated products and the internet too.┬áNo no, i strongly disagree.

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