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    Welcome Catherine!,
    It is always nice to read the intros. 🙂  Just wanted to chime in and mention that there are some great adventure games out there if you are ever interested in dabbling in the genre again.  Gabriel Knight (trilogy), Broken Sword, The Longest Journey, Syberia, and Still Life to name a few.

    DTP recently released Gray Matter, a game written by one of Sierra’s greats – Jane Jensen.

    Check ’em out if you ever have the chance!

    Tawmis?  I didn’t know you lurked these forums.  Nice to see you around! 😀

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    Have you looked at Microsoft’s XNA Game Development Platform?  It uses the C# language, which is fairly robust and much easier to code than C++.  They have an active forum and lots of sample code to help you get started.

    I cannot imagine that it would be much more difficult than trying to create a game using Excel.  I honestly would not have thought it was possible to create a game in Excel – but I could be wrong.  You would need a rendering loop where you update objects/game state and I am not sure you can get that level of control with Excel.

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    Are you still around?  Can I contact you thru email?  I wanted to ask you about writing.

    I can be reached at pb (dot) bergeron (at) gmail (dot) com

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    Any updates to report?  Interested to see how far you were able to get.

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    Hi Dusan,
    Thanks for sharing.  So you do 3D graphics?  I can crunch code.  If only we could find a writer with a story and an eye for game design, perhaps we could create something.

    A team of sierragamers users formed a game development group 5 or so years ago.  The project did not get very far.  I still to this day dream of creating a game.  I have an idea for a concept/story, but without artists, a programmer cannot get very far.

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    Good question.  After reading your post, I went to Amazon and looked up the book The Vampyre by Polidori.  I used the “Look Inside” feature to peruse and on page 11 of the book I found a reference to a “German work” titled Phantasmagoriana.

    According to these articles:
    Phantasmagoriana, inspired Lord Byron, Mary Shelley, and Polidori to write their own horror tales.  Shelley created Frankenstein and Polidori created The Vampyre.  So is the signficance in the reference/name?  The fact that a German horror tale title Phantasmagoriana was the inspiration for 2 of the most recognizable stories in all of horror history?

    I would love to be able to find a translated copy of Phantasmagoriana somewhere.  I cannot find anything using Google though.

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