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    I found a venus fly trap in King’s Quest VII.  Maybe that is the game you are looking for?  It has a Halloween theme in one part.  There is an alien in King’s Quest V that pushes Graham through a port hole.  Other creepy games are Phatasmagora and Gabriel Knights.

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    It’s amazing how complicated these games are.  Right now it takes 2 minutes in Excel to load a 320 x 190 bitmap.  It takes 36 seconds to move Laura Bow once.  Whats complicated is how to control the priority numbers.  All of this is being done in the speakeasy scene with no added dancers, ziggy, or other npcs.  I need to adjust the ego priority but how do I break up the screen in conjunction with the objects in the room?  As she moves back (up) her priority should decrease but not so much that the piano or mic is in front of her. 
        Then add: scipt, sound, control map, timer sequence, more sprites, multiple ego views plus scaling, triggers… Wow this was much easier in Tomb Raider’s Level Editor.  LOL

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    Thanks for the information.  I know ANSI C programming but not C# or C++.  I do miss the ability to use dynamic memory allocation (maloc), link list, and recursion in VBA.  VBA gives me the ability to program on any computer. Will the IDE for xbox work for Windows games?

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    I am attempting to mirror the animation of Sierra games in Excel.  I have been able to load a 24bit bitmap into the cells of Excel as a background.  Then I blit the background with a series of animated egos(sprites) that are also cells in Excel.  Using a priority map I can place the ego behind a fence.  Here is the code for loading a 24 bit image into Excel.  The other code is too much to show here.

    Sub openbinfile()
        Dim testdata As Byte
        Dim mypix As pix
        Dim datasize As Long
        Dim lsb As Byte
        Dim msb As Byte
        Dim hres As Long
        Dim vres As Long
        Dim blkByte As Byte
        Dim bufferbites As Long
        Dim temp As Long
        Dim strFile As String

        ‘Clear data from spreadsheet
        ‘Select 24-bit bitmap file to display
        With Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogOpen)
            .AllowMultiSelect = False
            If .Show = -1 Then
                strFile = .SelectedItems(1)
                Exit Sub
            End If
        End With

        ‘Open bmp file for reading
        Open strFile For Binary Access Read As #2

        Application.ScreenUpdating = False
        ‘Select upper left cell
        ‘Get horizontal resolution
        Seek #2, 19
        Get #2, , lsb
        Get #2, , msb
        hres = CLng(msb) * 256 + lsb
        ‘Get vertical resolution
        Seek #2, 23
        Get #2, , lsb
        Get #2, , msb
        vres = CLng(msb) * 256 + lsb
        ‘Calculate buffer size.  Rows are padded to be
        ‘multiples of 4 bytes with zeros
        bufferbites = hres * 3 ‘Each pixel is three bytes (RGB)
        ‘Determine what the next 4 byte boundary is
        temp = 0
        While temp < bufferbites
            temp = temp + 4
        ‘Calculate the number of buffer bytes used for padding
        bufferbites = temp – bufferbites
        ‘Get the total length of the file
        datasize = LOF(2)
        ‘Draw bitmap
        For y = 0 To vres – 1
            ActiveCell.Offset(1, hres).Activate
            datasize = datasize – bufferbites + 1
            For x = 0 To hres – 1
                ActiveCell.Offset(0, -1).Activate
                datasize = datasize – 3
                Seek #2, datasize
                Get #2, , mypix.Blue
                Get #2, , mypix.Green
                Get #2, , mypix.Red
                ActiveCell.Interior.Color = RGB(mypix.Red, mypix.Green, mypix.Blue)
            Next x
            datasize = datasize – 1
        Next y
        Application.ScreenUpdating = True
        Close #2 ‘Cleanup by closing file
    End Sub

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