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      Hello its me Slohand from http://www.yserbius.org i was wondering if there is anyone out and about that has any old yserbius memoriablia they could donate to our site. This site was designed as an archive for all things  Yserbius. and as you folks can tell if you visit that it is growing to be a extensive collection. we have software downloads,  walkthroughs, hints, and screenshots of Shadows of Yserbius, Ruins of Cawdor and Fates of the Twinion. we are currently working to obtain the original score of music for Shadows of Yserbius and it should be arriving soon.
      There is currently a new version of the Yserbius Classic version online and you can enter the old Tavern again and chat with friends while we are busy working in the dungeon. So if you havent gotten by to check out our progress here of late, be sure and come see us. otherwise if you have, anything cluttering up your closet, Yserbius programs, notes, coffee cups, cassettes, server and client code(had to add that lol) we would like to receive it and or a copy of it if possible to add to our collection for all the world to see from now on. thanks for all the support you have given in 8 months our site has over 200k vists over 400 members and over 3500 post on the forums. Thanks Ken for this website and for your contribution to Yserbius, The Internet and to the world in general.   Slohand

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