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      I have to say thank you with all my heart. I grew up with the Quest games. Starting with Space Quest on my lowly 8088. I saved every box from every sierra adventure game I ever bought (which is pretty much all of them 🙂 ). I can remember reading your personal letters in the Sierra Magazine (later renamed InterAction), It was like your fans were simply extended family. I even remember your sons doing little articles as well. There is no other company in history that will ever hold a candle to what Sierra was when you And Roberta were the owners. Thank you for everything.
      Brian Davidson

      PS. I have much experience in BB administration, if you ever need any help, I’ll be happy to assist. 🙂

      Las Vegas NV.

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      (The best games Ever) LSL, SQ1,PQ : The best games ever made (forget your high tech 3D first person shite)
      “try another word . Apparently “best” isnt in the Andromedan dictionary” SQ3

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