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      Hey friends,

      I was just browsing around the games available for play/download on that thing, and to my shock, Space Quest I, II, III, and V are available on there!!! I didn’t notice any of the other classics like King’s Quest etc, BUT that is still very nice to see!

      I’m guessing that Space Quest IV didn’t make it due to some bugs?

      I’ve heard that the gametap service is pretty popular, so it is very good news to see some of the good ol games on there. I figured there were only old console and arcade titles on there!

      I also noted that the publisher was listed as ‘Sierra Entertainment’. I wonder if Vivendi had anything to do with these games showing up on gametap?

      Hope you are all having a good day!

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      I recently evaluated GameTap and wrote an article about it, from an
      adventure gamer’s perspective.  If you’d like to read it, the
      article is here:,608/

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they add SQ4 (and 6) at some point. 
      The ones that are up there right now weren’t added in order, and the
      games are added randomly, so it’s very possible the whole series will
      be up there at some point.  GameTap also has several PDF manuals
      stored on their site (this has changed since the article was printed),
      some of which are for King’s Quest.  So it wouldn’t surprise me if
      the KQ games get added to the service.  Someone reported on the
      Adventure Gamers forum yesterday that he saw a ‘coming soon’ ad for
      Quest for Glory II, also.


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