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      It was 1987 and my Dad had introduced me to my first Sierra Online game. The game was Police Quest. I had played many games before on the Commodore 64 machine, but nothing like what I experienced in Police Quest. The graphics captivated me, the whole idea of solving problems was exciting and fun. Then I began to find out about the other Sierra titles. Namely King’s Quest. I was hooked. It was at this same time I began to be fascinated with comic books as well. These games were almost like comic books you played and that was what probably interested me the most. They had stories with plots, characters with a certain amount of depth. When I finally completed Police Quest I remember the sense of accomplishment I had. As I began to play the other titles the joy continued. The last title I purchased was “Quest for Glory V” and that is where it ended for me. So I would like to thank all that worked very hard over the years to bring something both educational and entertaining to me.
      **Jeremy Johnson**

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