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      Hey Ken,

      First off, let me say that I love all old Sierra games (although I still hold heavy contempt for Codename:Iceman and the Boss Dice sequence :p). I am, in fact, replaying the Quest for Glory series now that I finally got a DOS emulator on my new fangled computer. Great games, I just talked for two hours with my brother and the main topic was old adventure games.

      Basically my question is: Why you made the change from text-based games (King’s Quest 1) to cursor based games (King’s Quest 5)? Maybe I’m the only one but I always felt text gave you more control, more ability for easter eggs and more ways to go about solving a problem. Was it simply a necessary change to move forward with the times or did you feel the games were better with the new system?

      Don’t get me wrong, I still loved many of the games with the new system, Gabriel Knight is probably my favorite game of all time, but it seems like the text-based games are the ones where I was truly immersed the most.

      Thanks. I can’t believe I’m actually writing to the guy who congratulated me at the end of Leisure Suit Larry 1. :p

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      (re: Why’d you stop making text-based games?) We stopped using the text parser for a few reasons:
      It seemed like a good idea .. Infocom had a better parser than us, and it was easier to compete by switching the focus rather than take them head on.
      I liked to try new things. Phantasmagoria was something new (live actors). KQ8 was an experiment with using 3d. Not all experiments worked, but that’s what I liked about Sierra. We were willing to live dangerously.
      Our games started selling internationally. It was easier to make text OUTPUT international, than text INPUT
      -Ken W

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      (re: re: Why’d you stop making text-based games?)

      As for #3, do you know exactly when that was? or perhaps what game specifically was it that started capturing sells internationally? it’s just for curiosity’s sake

      were you targeting overseas sells or was that a side effect of the great games?

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