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      Dear Ken,
      My name is Jurian Driesten from The Netherlands.
      I like all the Sierra adventure games and I collect them all. At the moment I have a bookcase with more than 50 original Sierra boxes, from Space quest 2 to King’s quest 8. And cd-cases from Willy Beamish to ‘the Sierra Sneak Peak cd’!
      I have a lot of questions but I will ask one now:
      Who designed the Sierra half-dome logo? And are there original sketches of it?
      Thanks for the time.
      Jurian Driesten
      Btw. Go on with this site. This is ‘Sierra gamers paradise’. 🙂

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      (re: Who designed the Sierra half-dome logo?) actually this is a REAL dome from the Yosemite National park, which is not far from Sierra original facilities in Oakhurst. Later, Sierra moved its headquarters (when they started with all the sub-companies – Sierra Studios,Sports, Home etc..) and the department that left there (original Sierra) was given the sub-brand “Yosemite Entertainment” and stayed with the logo. (the Sierra corporation logo was changed to “S” like). Check out the Yosemite logo and picture –
      Link: http://www.yosemite-entertainment.com(http://www.yosemite-entertainment.com) 
      (they were shut down, the trademark name currently used by some other company)

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      I think the credit has to go to Greg Steffen – a designer that was with Sierra back in the early days.

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      Heh, I noticed recently that the new California quarter will have the Sierra logo featured on it. Well at least a side view of the halfdome.

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