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      A few days ago, I posted a “reply” to the Sierra Fan Art folder. The topic was unchanged from “re: Sierra Fan Art,” and it never showed up in the folder I posted it in. I can’t find the post anywhere else either. I’m sorry if I am being a nag, but I was wondering what happened to my post and why it wasn’t added to the other pictures that include fan art in the Fan Art folder.
      Thank you, and great work on the website!

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      (re: Where is my last post?) If the post doesn’t appear in the “Display Recent Messages” list, then for some reason it didn’t make it onto the board.
      I had an ugly bug that got introduced on Friday morning, that lasted through late last night, when I finally found it. There was a hard loop that was slowing down, and occasionally crashing the whole system. A couple of times I had to reset the server. Your message may have gotten lost during this time.
      Sorry about that..
      -Ken W

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