What Sierra told me.

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      I recently sent off an email to Sierra to see what they had to say about coming out with new
      versions of classic Sierra games.. Here is what they have to say.

      The response to your question: —————————————- Solution Added On 10/02/2003 5:53AM Hi, I have passed your note to the developers.
      We have looked at re-doing a bunch of the old titles,
      but with development costs and many of these old titles
      still have high royalty issues attached,
      it has not made financial sense at this time as the sales estimates
      didn’t offset the development costs. I do know that a new LSL game is in the works, and maybe if it does
      good then they will reopen the issue of bringing back the oldies but goodies. Your original question: —————————————- Customer Submitted Question On: 10/01/2003 10:31PM Is there ANY possible hope of bringing back adventure games ever?

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      (re: What Sierra told me.) This is very inetesting! Can you tell what email address you’ve been writing to? I have tried to find one myself, but it seemed very much that Sierra did not really care for contact to the real world…
      thanks, doern

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      (re: What Sierra told me.) So, Sierra are basically saying that due to royalties agreement they’d have to honour to (one assumes ex-) employee’s the likelyhood of resurrecting the old adventures is near zero 🙁 That’s a real shame.
      However, surely there’s some developers in Sierra who’ve got an urge to update the interpreters for modern platforms?! Failing that, I think it would be a PR coup if Sierra were to release the source code to the developers of SCUMMVM… that way the nostalgic people are happy and Sierra get more recognition/advertising. Yeah, I know – dreaming but if the likes of Revolution (Beneath a Steel Sky, Broken Sword) and John Passfield/Tony Ball (as was Renegade – Flight of the Amazon Queen) can release source code for old titles then why not Sierra?

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      (re: re: What Sierra told me.) So let me get this straight….it does not make financial sense to revive the old classic series….but it does not make sense to let them go free……*sigh*
      This is why I support abandonware………

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