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      There are literally thousands of fans out there that love Phantasmagoria and of course Victoria. Even now videos pop up on youtube, fans discuss about her on IMDB but there is absolutely no information about her to be found.
      Apparently she stopped being an actress but there is not even a recent picture of her to be found. How can someone in this age of the internet, stay hidden like this? I really wish she also host a blog or at least update her IMDB profile.

      At least I was finally able to get my hands on the legendary Outer Limits Episode (Season 2, Ep 19) where she plays quite a nice role 🙂

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      Hi there. Victoria Morsell did a bit of acting in movies and tv shows (clothed and unclothed).. she played in The Random Factor (1994) and a mini series called Hot Line (1994-1996) where she played a character (one episode)…if you look up her name in IMDB, you may find she did quite a few roles and is STILL acting…!

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      She took her partner’s name, so Victoria Hemingson is who you’d be looking for.

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