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      In recent months I have spent an excruciating amount of hours on my computer getting school work done and after awhile I started thinking about how much I used to play Sierra games. I would spend so many consecutive hours of a single game just to complete it without taking a break. Sierra (and even admit LucasArts during that time) mastered story development and was able to really draw gamers into the worlds that both companies, respectively, created.

      This is what I remember PC gaming being about. Whatever happened to this adventure genre that, obviously, everyone on this website (and all over the world) loved? I know that other game genres started to become popular, but how did it get so out of control that it completely annihilated the type of gaming that Sierra perfected? Even LucasArts games (which I also played for numerous hours) have shifted their direction in recent years making the old school adventure game extinct.
      The only games (and I have hardly any time to play nowadays) I play now are Sim-based games… and am, quite frankly, getting sick of them and all of the first person shooters that are out nowadays.

      So, I guess in addition, do you think, hypothetically, if Sierra was still around today (not under VU)that we would still have adventure games out (not sure if you can really answer that) and do you think that we will ever see the classic adventure games regain popularity and become a big booming empire again?

      Thanks for any reply,

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