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      Hi, I am on a quest to find and buy all the Sierra “talkie” CD-ROM adventures. I don’t care about packaging, but am looking for new copies if possible. I have been using various online stores and e-bay, but need a complete list of Sierra talkie’s as I’m not sure if some titles have the speech or not.

      Here is the list of games I know are talkies (* indicates that I have already purchased) – does anyone know if there are others?

      King’s Quest 5 *
      King’s Quest 6 *
      King’s Quest 7 *
      Space Quest 4 *
      Space Quest 6 *
      Mother Goose CD *
      Freddy Pharkas *
      Dagger of Amonra
      Quest for Glory 4 *
      Quest for Glory 5
      Leisure Suit Larry 6 *
      Leisure Suit Larry 7
      Gabriel Knight 1 *
      Gabriel Knight 3 *
      Police Quest 4 *

      My purpose in collecting them is so I can play all these awesome games the way they were meant to be played!

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      (re: What are the Sierra “Talkie” Games?)

      I think there was a Willy Beamish talkie version too.

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      (re: What are the Sierra “Talkie” Games?)

      Gabriel Knight 2 was kinda ” Interactive Movie ” & it wasn´t a silent movie 😉

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      For completeness (12 years later, lol), I wanted to add a couple more titles here:

      The Adventures of Willy Beamish

      EcoQuest 1

      The originals were non-talkie, but later CD versions were released that has voice acting.

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