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      I collect old PC games and I love Sierra games.  I don’t collect for the value of the games as much as I do it because I have a passion for old games.  But I’m still curious as to how much some of them are worth.
      Is there a site or guide that shows roughly how much certain old games are worth? 

      I’ve found guides for many games on old consoles but I haven’t been able to find one for PC games.

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      Unfortunately, older PC media (like floppy disks) are just too fragile, so there won’t be many guides available.

      Your best bet would be to check with specific fan groups; they usually have at least one person that’s ‘in the know’ about rare games.

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      Hi Jim,

      I´m collecting only PC adventure games (point and click).
      The prices really vary, a lot.
      It depends on so many things like the overall quality of the item, the version, the rarity, completeness and so on.
      And then it´s always a point of time thing that sets the current price.
      I´ve some games that are worth double the price I´ve paid for 1 or 2 years ago.
      Other have droped to certain reasons.
      So it´s really hard to tell and nearly impossible to create a guide for it.

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