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      Hi Ken, as a coder I can really appreciate whats going on in the background. Some of the tricks you use for seraching and displaying messages are downright brilliant. I myself have programmed my own posting system from scratch, and know what I task it can be. I used asp and MySql to program it. They worked wonderfully together with the MyODBC dirver 🙂

      Keep up the good work on the backend, and the beautiful front end will follow 🙂 Especially if your lovely wife gets involved. The changes you’ve made ARE improvements, and all is coming along nicely 🙂 Keep making progress and striving for for the best, and in no time, you will suprise yourself.

      – Matt
      PS – I grew up during that magical time you speak of. I saw it from the birth of the Micro-Computer era 1977 onward 🙂

      Eveything was exciting back then and ANYTHING was possible.

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