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      Hello there,
      that’s great for me to be able to talk to such persons… First, just one word to say thank you for making so many great games, especially in this category of adventure games which has almost disappeared ! All your games were just fabulous, really. I still play some of them today…
      If I had enough time, I would try to recompile Sarien or any other interpreter on the GBA, but I lack time so…
      I have one question. How come you never adapted AGI games to the C64 ? This was a fantastic machine, which sold a lot (which means money) !
      Did you think about it and abandoned the idea or was it just you did not want to develop on this machine ? Technically, it supported the SCUMM (well at least for Maniac Mansion and Zak Mac Kraken), so I think it could have run the AGI no ?

      Thanks !

      Hmmmm… I’ve just realized (going to Mark Lowe website) that Donald is an AGI game… and I remember playing this game on the C64 ! However I compared the versions and they have lots of differences. Was it completely rewritten on the C64 ?

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