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      Hello there
      I am looking for QFG collection pack Complete i mean with the box.Any idea where to find (not e-bay or amazon.
      Thanks a lot
      The night still young in spielburg

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      (re: Looking for Quest For Glory collection (not anthology)) Good luck with your search, that may be one of the harder collection sets to find (fully boxed, etc.)
      Why exactly does everyone who asks a similar question seem to add the clause ‘not Amazon or eBay’? They both offer a ‘well-known’ (though probably not loved) service! eBay is 50% luck and 50% knowing how to bid and more importantly when to walk away.
      Gamez Tradez (or something like that) is a possibility but usually deals in trades (between members) only.
      Seriously, anyone who’s got it probably knows it’s worth more than they paid for it (especially as the Collection Series failed to generate much sales interest when originally released and so I don’t expect there was any more than 1 ‘run’ done of each?!). In which case they’ll probably be wanting to keep it for themselves or make as much ‘profit’ as possible and so will probably eBay it.

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      (re: re: Looking for Quest For Glory collection (not anthology))

      I think people are hoping to find these collections “new” (i.e., from an online store rather than second hand on ebay). Ain’t gonna happen. My only other suggestion is to check thrift shops and yard sales, but then it’s dumb luck if you find what you’re looking for. eBay and Amazon are your best bets (and you’ll probably get better prices on eBay). Half.com is another site that I like, but I don’t know how often these collections show up there.


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