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      (Cross-posted from the SMC forums)

      Hey folks,

      (Not sure if this is the right forum section to post this at SierraGamers, if not please move it. – Alistair)

      I run the Sierra music website Sierra Music Central (SMC), over at http://smc.sq7.org .

      I have a serious request to make- Jeysie, my current webmistress (I still get a kick outta saying that! 😉 ) is currently unable to perform her duties- in plain English, she’s too busy and stressed to take on the additional work of SMC.
      It’s been likely to come to this for a while, but we haven’t talked about it so much, which we did today. As I said to Jeysie today, not only is it bad for her if she continues with a project which she doesn’t really have time for, it’s also bad for SMC itself, which needs some updates, vitality and a new direction (really, time spent on it 😉 ).

      Although SMC hasn’t been updated in over a year, the site is very close to having a major update. And if we get a good webmaster, hopefully an overhaul 🙂 (I have people who want to do that anyway, so that’s not a criticism of Jeysie, since her work has been awesome- it’s just optimism. 🙂 )

      So, in short- I need someone who can be the following:
      a. a Webmaster
      b. a partner/team member in SMC

      What’s the difference? Well, a webmaster basically just is responsible for coding pages and design. A partner would be someone who actively worked with me to redevelop SMC and work on overhauling it, not just basically coding new pages for me.

      Alternatively, a partner could be much more too, like contributing music (whether a web designer or not), but I really don’t want anybody to, for example, record MT-32 soundtracks (I can do that).

      The music contributions I want would be (for example): — having a partner who’s a remixer or someone who can enhance Sierra MIDI files, like, adding new bits to MIDI files and then they and/or I make digital recordings from them. (Of course, you can be a one off contributor as well!)
      – having someone who makes their own digital interpretations of the Sierra (and other) soundtracks, for example, the way Shadowfax does at QuestStudios
      (One offs are fine here, too.)

      I also want to redefine the focus of SMC. The website name is currently “Sierra Music Central”, but once I get a new webmaster, it’ll become “Sierra (and other) Music Central”.
      Why? Because I intend to have non-Sierra soundtracks for download on SMC. Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure and Legend of Kyrandia being a couple of good examples. I want to be able to host non-Sierra scores as well, while keeping the main focus on recreating Sierra soundtracks digitally.

      I’m sure there’s more to say, but I’ll leave it at that for now. 🙂

      Except that- (I believe) SMC’s got a lot of potential, and a future. I just need to make it happen, and someone to help me realise its’ potential. It’s a site for the fans by the fans, and it’ll certainly die without any further fan help. But putting a positive spin on that, with help and enthusiasm it can become a great game music site.

      – Alistair

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