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      I recently brought my old Mac Color Classic and Sierra games out of storage in preparation for a move, and realized I have a possibly rare Macintosh II version of the original Mixed Up Mother Goose that supports color instead of the regular 1bit B&W.

      I’ve been looking around the net and found an exert from Sierra Interaction that says all the AGI games for the Mac were upgraded from B&W to color.

      Does anyone have these versions?


      Macintosh II owners can now enjoy playing Sierra games that were
      meant to be seen in living color. Sierra has now completed color
      conversions of all current Sierra 3-D Animated adventure Games on the
      Macintosh II. Macintosh II owners will now have the opportunity to
      choose between black-and-white or color when playing Sierra adventure

      Sierra’s plans include support of color on all future 3-D Animated
      Adventure Games for the Macintosh II. ALl versions will be shipped in
      one package that will also support the Macintosh 512, Macintosh Plush,
      and Macintosh SE computers.

      Current Sierra programs to support the Macintosh II in color include the King’s Quest series, the Space Quest series, Police Quest, Mixed-Up Mother Goose, and Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards.
      Macintosh II owners can upgrade their black and white copies of Sierra
      On-Line 3-D Animated Adventures to color by calling Sierra On-Line’s
      Customer Support Division at (209) 683-6858.


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