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      Well, it finally happened. Vivendi decided that its media group was not part of its “core” business and sold off its remaining 20% of NBCU. My question is, where does Activision-Blizzard fit in that? Is Vivendi holding onto that, and thus also to the Sierra IP?

      I haven’t seen anything indicating they’re getting rid of the game company – it’s just that having Vivendi in the news really depresses me because it reminds me of those Sierra games sitting dormant. My fear is that some huckster will wind up buying the Sierra name and completely ignore or further devalue the old characters and ideas. Everyone keeps saying that Activision wanted to sell the Sierra rights – do we know for how much?

      Every time I see a new release on I think about how someone’s missing a chance with the Sierra catalogue. And every time I see a commercial for “Princess and the Frog” I think of Gabriel Knight & The Colonel’s Bequest. Blurg.

      If anyone wants to chip in for the Sierra rights, I’ll come run it for you! I’ll sleep on a cot in the back hehe…

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