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      In my eyes, Sierra has gone down hill very fast since you sold it. Today its owned by Vivendi and the quality of games is still low. However Blizzard entertainment is also owned by Vivendi but their games are the highest quality, best selling in the industry.

      Does a conglomerate like Vivendi affect each companies game production? I just find it interesting how two companies with the same owner can be so differnt.

      Another conglomerate that comes to mind is Clear Channel. But all their products (radio stations) are the same.

      Are conglomerates good for customers?


      P.S. go pats!

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      (re: Vivendi Influence)

      I work for a medical publishing company that used to be owned by Vivendi. Other than stuff like health benefits, they really had nothing to do with the way my company was run. I suppose they *could* have, and it may be that they’re more active in the software companies than they were in mine, but I don’t know.

      Vivendi sold us about a year ago, in comparison our new owners stick their noses in our business a lot more. It can be very frustrating. Being owned by Vivendi was great because we had good health insurance, got Christmas bonuses, and didn’t have to work so hard to justify our budget requests to senior management. Oh well…


      ps I should add that my company had a very strong business model and structure before being acquired by Vivendi. So, we were able to be pretty self-sufficient and Vivendi didn’t really have to step in. I could see how a company that might not have a strong management structure — like Sierra after the sale — would flounder without help from the parent company.

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