Unforgettable memories of my first contact with Sierra Games.

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      Hello Roberta and Ken, and everyone else,

      Here is another great fan of Sierra games. I am a man of 52 years, still playing adventure games now and then, but I miss those Sierra games. And especially the low resolution pixel-games. Games today look all great, very realistic, I play some, but why do I miss those pixel-games? I can’t help it, but in my system is ‘chiseled’ forever the love for those pixel-games. Thanks to you, Sierra, and I really mean thanks!
      It was in 1986 I guess, I was 34, when I bought an Atari computer, for making music mainly. A friend of mine introduced me to King’s Quest II and that was the beginning of a love for life! King Graham standing on the beach, with his two-pixel nose pointed eastwards. Waiting for something to happen. So I played and played, but… when I died I had to start allover again. I just didn’t understand the words ‘save game’ or ‘init disk’. And I didn’t get the sugar cube form the horse to protect me from the bramble-bush. So, it took me one hour to get to the path to the castle, and from there I counted and wrote down the steps… With pounding heart. I died of course and had to play the whole game allover again. But I did it gladly. On several nights I played the game up untill the bramble-bush for four times! Fortunatelly I soon found out about ‘init’ disk’. And I heard about the sugar cube. Later on in the castle, with Dracula, my heart was pounding again from excitement! 34 years of age, happy as a child. And still…

      I have lots of memories of Sierra games, but this is already too long, I’m afraid.

      Thanks Roberta and Ken, it must have been great doing something so exciting, and at the right time!
      And all the best for 2005!

      Martin Ploeg
      The Netherlands

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