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      Hi!  I’ve been a member here for a long time now, but never had occasion to write on the bulletin board until now.  Some of you may have seen me on the official boards over at Vivendi, but I am a senior at a university taking on a very lengthy research project.  I am looking at the effects that different types of games have on a child’s ability to understand context clues.  During the first trials I am going to be comparing King’s Quest 4 to a game from the JumpStart series (depending on the age level of the child.)  My hypothesis is that using the parsor based game will have a greater impact on a child’s ability to use context clues in determining the meaning of a vocabulary word.   

      So I’m here because I want to know what you guys think!  I also wanted input from people who design games (if you’re here) about what kind of thought goes into making the game.  Do you ever think about the educational value of the game, whether it’s an educational game or not?  Give me lots of ideas and feedback! 

      Thanks so much you guys, can’t wait to hear your opinions!


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