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      I don’t write straight Sierra fan fiction very often (e.g., just plain prose that isn’t incorporated into a comic or with any illustrations whatsoever), but this year, I wrote two short stories based on King’s Quest and Space Quest.

      Here’s the SQ fanfic I wrote in June: Copilot.
      “[…] if Roger isn’t really a smart, tortured hero, what could explain how he remains that oblivious throughout his adventures while solving incredibly devious puzzles and making it out of near-impossible scenarios? In a realistic situation, outside of the SQ games, how could the clumsy simpleton that we see depicted in them possibly accomplish all the acts that the player made him do?”

      And here’s the KQ fanfic, which I just finished a few days ago: The Forgotten Captives.
      “But how in the world would someone without any knowledge of you understand the importance of throwing a bridle on a snake?”
      Pegasus shrugged.
      “He was an interesting one, that man.”

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      *adds to reading list*

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