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      All I have to say is thank you Ken and Roberta. Thanks for making the company that revolutionized the gaming industry. Thanks for making the most exciting games that I have played in my life. I remember the good olds days of playing Kings Quest 5&6. Those were the first games I played from Sierra. I remember the Minotaur’s Lair quite vividly and the Witches Woods. Such great memories I have. Since those first days I have beaten all the Kings Quests, Space Quests, QfGs, and Police Quests. Now days in games, all you do it run around and shoot people. I really enjoyed the fact that in these old fantasy games you had to think. I was sad to hear that you sold the company in 1996 and that you were not going to be making anymore Kings Quest games. I really was looking forward to one last KQ game after 8, but I guess I will have to deal with it. It was just so much fun to play these fantasy games and once again I thank you very much for all the fun times

      Your greatest fan ever, James Havican

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