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      I want to play Torin’s passage on my Win.xp but it requires 256 color, i don’t seem to have that option on Winxp, any suggestions, i have the CD.

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      To set 256 colors and 640×480 resolution on XP:

      Right-click your desktop
      Select Properties
      Select Settings tab
      Click Advanced
      Select Adapter tab
      Click List All Modes
      Select 640×480 and 256 colors from the list

      Do this before you launch the game. (Putting it in 640×480 resolution will run the game in full screen mode.) When you’re done playing, you can set your color depth and resolution back on the Settings tab (no need to go through all the steps).

      Compatibility mode also has settings for 256 colors and 640×480 resolution, but it doesn’t work for many of the Sierra titles. To use compatibility mode, right-click on the .exe file, select Properties, and go to the Compatibility tab.


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      The easiest thing to do is click the start menu. Go to Accessories then Compatibility Wizard. When it asks whether you want to choose it from a list or use program in the cd-rom click cd-rom. It will ask you if you want to change the compatibility mode. I suggest you change it to windows 95 because torin’s passage is an older game. Click next. It will ask you if you want to run the program in all these different screen options, pick 256 colors then next again. It will open the program and ask you if you always want to run it in this mode click yes. Then it will ask you if you want to send the information to microsoft…that one’s up to you.

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      The “easy way” (compatibility mode) doesn’t work for many Sierra games. 🙂

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      It worked for me. I just have trouble running everything else. All computers run differently so it just depends on which one you have I guess.

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