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      Edit: sorry if I’m stirring things up by posting this here but I couldn’t find a more suitable place for this message.

      Hi there, whatever your real name is.

      Judging from your postings, you seem to be a rather nice guy. But what in the world did you think of when acquiring as a nick name the name of a group that used to be Nazi Germany’s #1 war criminal squad? I did some web research about the “Totenkopf SS” (didn’t know too much about these brutest of all brutes before, the truth sometimes hurts.) The term “research”, however, is slightly exaggerated, as I soon grew sick of the abyss of self-appointed “historicians”, dissociating with extremism yet publishing web sites reeking of blatant militarism and obvious fascination with the fascist dictatorship that, among other crimes, is responsible for the most terrible mass murder of innocents – carefully planned and organized – that the world has ever seen.

      That said… I find your nick name insulting, to say the least. Please consider changing it.

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