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      To Mrs. Roberta Williams,

      Being around Chris’ age, growing up as a fan of your (and Sierra’s) games I kind of found myself living vicariously through the incredible experiences he got to have with parents in an industry I (at the time) admired. I am aware that during the progression of time over which you were creating the legendary Kings Quest series your son was growing up. I am curious what influences he may have had on the games you were creating, and perhaps how his growth affected choices you made in both the plots of your games and in the types of games you made. Can you look back and give examples, perhaps, of how experiences with Chris inspired certain elements of a game? I have known some children’s authors, like the writer of Bridge to Terabithia, who can directly relate their writing of a story to events going on in their children’s lives and I was curious if there were similar cases with yourself. I am also curious if the fact that Chris is now grown has influenced the fact that you have chosen not to return to writing or game creation?

      I hate to pack in so many questions, but I cannot resist asking what Chris has chosen to do in his life. What career has he gone into? I’m curious how growing up surrounded by such incredible experiences and being a part of Sierra as a child may have had on his life choices.

      Thank you very much in advance for your time and attention.

      A young-at-heart fan,

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