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      I remember it like it was just yesterday….even though it has been nearly 15 years. We had just got a tandy hx 1000 for christmas and I was playing an ASCII character game called “Castle Adventure” I loved it.

      Well one day my uncle brought over a game called Police Quest. After one look at the back of the box I was amazed by the graphics. I couldn’t wait to play it, but had to fight between my two brothers on who played first 😉 I loved the game and since that day I was hooked on Sierra and the high quality games they were putting out. I always looked forward to going to the local radio shack and seeing if there was anything new from Sierra. Whenever my birthday or christmas came around the only thing I wanted was a game from you guys. I must say I have a pretty extensive collection!!!

      They were so much fun to play and so much inspiration, they put you right in your own fantasy. I used to dream that when I was older I could work for you or Sierra and create awesome adventure games, but that dream is gone since unfortunatley Sierra is now just a “name” in the gaming industry.

      But thanks to you, Roberta, all of the designers and creators over the years, and the quality games you put out, it gave me inspiration and determination and now I am game designer/programmer hoping that one day that just one of my games will be embraced and loved as much as all of your games were by millions of people around the world.

      Thank you for all the years of amazements, awe, frights, laughs and tears.

      A long time fan,
      Steve Hawco

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