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      What did Sierra do for me? Well my story may not be like any other ever written here. In fact I don’t think I could write the complete story. I would have to keep some facts out,  Its all true. it happened. what I will share, was a moment how ever so short, that will be etched in my mind for the rest of my life. I go back to that memory from time to time & smile. All my problems just seem to melt away.  We have to go back, way back to the time when Sierra was in its prime, annual Sierra open house events were the talk of the town. People came from all over America to gather in Coarsegold California. Spend the weekend with the people at Sierra that made the games we loved some much. Great food, music & one Sunday I even took a ride on Ken’s boat. I’m sorry Ken I would have talked more with you. but there was someone else on my mind in that boat. We met on the original Sierra BBS. Some days so many people would be on-line that poor BBS would just crash and burn! I would type for hours. Tying up the one phone line I had so no one could ever get threw to me. She sent me a program called Smartcom. She had her own macros programmed in!  After sometime online I grew very fond of her. We never sent photos of each other, By the time the event came up we planned to meet. She was from Louisiana I was a little closer Southern California. Back then I drove a convertible. With the top down & the wind in my hair I took the same route many people took to get out of LA & up to the mountains. I remember the drive, holding the wheel as tight as I could wondering the whole drive…So this will be our first face to face. What will I say to her… Will she like what she see’s? Will I?? We made plans to stay at a small bed & breakfast hidden off the main road snuggled deep in the Sierra forest. I arrived first, I remember driving into the small hotel and seeing a pool with the water drained out. I wondered did we pick the wrong place. I checked in, went to my room sat on the bed and waited. It seemed like hours, but it was more like a few minutes. I heard her walk to the door. Her steps tapped lightly on the concrete. the door handle moved a little, it was unlocked. I stood up. The door opened. The sun was pushing threw making it hard to see at first. I could smell her before I saw her completely, She smelt like heaven. She walked into the room her eyes… her eyes… I have never seen eyes like that. they seemed to look into my soul. She paused for a minute then smiled. She was pleased I could tell. I was every emotion a man could have when a beautiful woman walks into a room looking just at you. She had long shapely legs.  She wore light clothes, I could tell her shape. It was perfect to me. I tried not to act like a lost puppy dog… We reached for each other… It felt good to hold her in my arms after so long…we kissed…She tasted sweet.. For the longest time we just stood looking at each other. smiling, touching, all my seances they raced to keep pace with my heart. We sat on the bed and we talked about everything….I loved the sound of her voice.. Time passed and we went to dinner. I loved watching her eat. Everything about her was beautiful to me. I found out she did some commercials (not surprising) do you remember the Leggs Stalkings adds that ran in the late 80’s. You will find her there. OK its late and I think I said enough for tonight… and maybe this is all boring you to tears. If you want to read more of the story let me know… It gets allot better… The point of all this you ask…To me… Ken & Roberta built dreams and for one man those dreams came true.  Please forgive my writing, like Ken I am not a writer. I was just moved by the memories.

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