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      The Incredible Machine 3 (1995)(Sierra Online).
      The Incredible Machine 2 (1994)(Sierra Online).
      Incredible Toon Machine (1994)(Dynamix).
      when i was a kid i played the first incredible maihine game.
      my friend gave me a bunch of games .ZIPed. I can extract them but is’s all down hill from there.
      one thing i noticed in TIM3 was in a floder called wing where all the file extencions where missing the last letter
      such as wingpal.wn_  and setuphlp.dl_ shouldnt that be .DLL ?? 

      i would really like to get them going for my son to play
      what should i do 

      thanks for any help

      Jay R  

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      Maybe you can find the answer here:

      About the WinG files. If I remember correctly, WinG was a graphics library for running high resolution graphics and is now succeeded by DirectX. The files you mentioned are part of the WinG installation. They are “converted” to the correct extension by the WinG installation.

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