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      I’m not sure this qualifies as a fan-game, but I made this program with Sierras old Christmas cards in mind. Anyway here it is: 

      It doesn’t come with any sounds at the moment (I’m working on finding a decent MIDI library that doesn’t require the 15MB timidity download); however, you can play Ogg Vorbis files. Check out data/scripts/music.lua for an example of how to include music. If you want MIDI sound, you’ll need to download the Timidity GUS samples, and that’s a whopping 15MB. MP3 support is not included yet, maybe in a later version when I figure out why smpeg hates me 😉

      Anyway, I programmed it in C++ using SDL, SDL_mixer, and the LUA scripting language. If you’re interested in its inner workings, check out data/scripts/xmas04.lua

      The XMas04 Facts are not finished yet – I have over 2000 more entries to make.

      I thought that since I was making this card for my family, why not share it with the Sierra family as well?

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