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      I was reading this article, it’s not a very good article, and kind of puts Sierra in a bad light, but one part of the article is worth quoting and it’s about Sierra today. Quouth the article:
      ‘Today, Sierra still exists in name, as part of Vivendi’s empire. It’s essentially irrelevant, though; just one more word on the packaging. With all the enthusiasm Infogrames holds for the Atari brand, you could more easily pretend they’re really Atari than this living death is the Sierra of old.”

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      Um, I agree 100% with the quote, and given what Ken has said, I’m sure he agrees in part..

      I think it’s a fallacy to say ‘it’s not a very good article’ simply because it has bad things to say about Sierra- if the shoe fits, wear it. Plus, it’s not ssaying these things about old SIerra, but of Sierra as it has become- a brand name. hence the metaphor ‘a living death’, which I think that fits Sierra as it is today perfectly- alive in the sense of existing as a brand name company, but dead in the same sense- it may be a brand name, but it’s wholly owned by a parent company and doesn’t produce the old kinds of games. Hence, it’s alive, but for all intents and purposes dead, i.e. a living death.

      – Alistair

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