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      I was wondering what Ken and Roberta thought about The Silver Lining project? And if they have played the public demo yet? Vivendi I know has granted the pople making it a liscence as long as they don’t use the name King’s Quest IX what are Ken and Roberta’s thoughts on the whole thing?

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      We having played “The Silver Lining” demo. How is it?

      Generally, we’ve been supportive of the project, and what we’ve seen has looked great.

      My primary concern has been that building a game is a LOT of work, and I’ve been worried that these people might have all their work ruined by Sierra enforcing their copyrights. I’ve heard conflicting reports on what their agreement with Sierra is.  In some reports, they are now fine, and can market their game – and, in others, they can continue to develop the game, but there are limits on their ability to distribute it.

      Hopefully the demo is great, and they have no problems marketing the game – but, I don’t know.

      -Ken W

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      I’m curious to see your and Roberta’s thoughts of the final project. It looks like a very black (almost gothic?) game, as oppsoed to most KQ games’ atmosphere.

      But, I guess there’s not much point speculating just yet, or for that matter critiquing a non-existent game.

      Ken: Do you think it will feel like a KQ game? I get the distinct feeling this will be much more a niche game for the actual fans of the TSL project itself (as in, their forum crowd), as opposed to say the KQ2+VGA project which appealed to the Sierra community at large.

      But anyway, I’ll write more when it’s released.

      – Alistair

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      Our current agreement with Vivendi stipulates that the game may only be offered as a free download. I believe that AGD Interactive has the same agreement with them, meaning that neither they nor anyone else can distribute their licensed games on physical media. Legal discussions with Vivendi about some aspects of the project are still ongoing. The following Gamespy article from last December might give you a clearer idea of the legalities involved:

      Michael A. Bright
      PR Lead
      The Silver Lining Development Team
      Phoenix Online Studios

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      What about distribution of the ability to download the game on physical media? 🙂 In other words, a full big box on store shelves with a single 3.5″ floppy disk containing a torrent file or an HTML link to the website? Sounds like it might be a viable loophole…

      But I may have just ruined that. 🙁


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