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      We at Phoenix Online Studios are proud to
      announce the release of our first public demo of ‘The Silver Lining’,
      an authorized fangame based on Sierra’s ‘King’s Quest’ series. This is an abridged version of the demo that we created last November that helped secure permission from Vivendi to continue development. You do not need to worry about spoilers for the final game, as the intro and any scenes, characters, and conversations that contained spoilers have been removed. If you
      haven’t already done so, please download the demo, as well as the
      critical v.2.0 patch from

      The trailer for the game, as well as a ‘Making of’ video (both of which
      were featured in the March 2006 issue of Computer Gaming World) can be
      viewed on our site at

      We at Phoenix Online Studios have always been immensely proud of our
      composer, Austin Haynes. To see just why we’re so proud, have a listen
      to ‘The Day You Were Gone’, the love theme from ‘The Silver Lining’.
      The music was composed and performed by Austin, with lyrics by C├ęsar
      Bittar and vocals by Amy Kurylo.

      To show off the impressive work of our artists, as well as to give you
      a few more hints on the game’s secret storyline, we’ve released eight
      brand new desktop wallpapers of the game’s major characters.

      We hope these releases give you an insight into what we’re trying to
      achieve with the game, and we hope you can join us in reliving the
      magic of ‘King’s Quest’ when ‘Shadows’, the first part of ‘The Silver
      Lining’, is released.

      Michael A. Bright

      PR Lead

      The Silver Lining Development Team

      Phoenix Online Studios

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